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Locum Tenens & Health Care

Locum tenens have very special needs when it comes to understanding, planning for and structuring their employment and income opportunities. The right choices, decisions and paperwork can make a tremendous difference in minimizing taxes. You need a firm that understands how to navigate the complexities that come from locum tenens work. The professionals at Redstone Financial Group know the intricacies of locum tenens financial matters, including ramifications of planning of retirement as an independent contractor.

Our clients include actual locum tenens (individuals), medical practices that hire or subcontract with locum tenens and locum tenens placement agencies. This experience has given us a full perspective and understanding of the locum tenens financial environment, allowing us to best position each client from a retirement and financial perspective.

Let our professionals remove your worries about what you should or should not be doing. We know locum tenens, and we know how to help minimize their tax liability and maximize wealth building.